What our directors have been up to…

ACTIVATED! A new SABC2 Disability Actuality series that we have been a part of!

Saturdays 13h00 – 13h30 on @SABC2. Tune in on Saturday 24 April 2021 for the first of 26 episodes!

Dr. Jacques Lloyd alongside colleagues and other team players had been working for 6 months on this project. Here are some words about the project:

It has been such a privilege – and steep learning curve! – working on this series with Okuhle Media. Being given an almost blank slate within a very rigid structure posed both challenges and possibilities.

This is a departure from the traditional way of showcasing ordinary persons with disabilities doing ordinary things as exceptional, portraying persons with disabilities as pitiful, or reducing the lived experiences of persons with disabilities to their medical conditions.

We give voice to persons with disabilities who, using their lived experiences and insights gained as a result of their lived disability experiences, change the disability narrative – to inspire South Africans to expect more and aspire for better for persons with disabilities, and to activate them into action! #SayNo2PityParties #SayNo2AspirationalPorn #SayYES2EmbracingDisability #SayYES2ReleasingHumanCapital

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