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Our Director Dr. Jacques Lloyd is a guest on Ep6 of Activated on SABC 2

Check out S1 Ep6 of Activated titled “Health professionals with disabilities as agents of change”, where our Director Dr. Jacques Lloyd is a guest on the show! Persons with disabilities are often viewed as the recipient of medical care but not as providers of such care. This week we meet people working in the health…

Grand Opening of Real Life Commit

Time to celebrate! Our peer facilitator in the Western Cape, Susanna Spires, recently unveiled Real Life Commit, her organisation for persons with disabilities. Our director Dr. Jacques Lloyd attended and spoke at the grand opening. We wish Susanna and Real Life Commit the best of luck and cannot wait to see what a great impact…

Staff Achievements

We would like to congratulate our provincial coordinator, Susanna Botha, for participating in the Knowledge Hub Medical Webinar titled: “Covid-19 Vaccination: What Do Healthcare Workers Need to Know?”.

Disability is a state of mind

Depicted in this video are extracts from the Third Tshwane Oppie Bol Disability Awareness Road Race, the Fourth annual Manguzi Gijima 2018 event and the 12th All People’s Run (2018) held at Gelukspan. AFRIQUE REHABILITATION AND RESEARCH CONSULTANTS (ARRC) NPC have been to and partaken in all three events, playing a vital role in the disability and health community in South Africa. To learn more about each of the three events depicted in this video – go, watch and read the description of each event under our ‘videos’ or ‘home’ page here on our YouTube channel. This video highlights what ARRC stands for as an NPC, and what it believes in and is passionate about. It is a short glimpse into some of the work and activities the company is involved in and wants to increase and improve in the near future. The video also highlights ARRC’s partners and partnerships.

Special thanks to Oak Street Media, South Africa, for the graphics and production of the video. Special thanks to the event managers, partners, and sponsors of each event and all who helped with capturing the footage.

Spinal Tuberculosis

South Africa continues to have one of the highest tuberculosis (TB) incidence rates in the world. Up to 67% of individuals with pulmonary tuberculosis (PTB) or a history of PTB go on to develop Spinal Tuberculosis (STB). According to the WHO, 16% of all PTB cases involve extra-pulmonary systems, while only 1% of these account for infections involving the spine, these estimates are said to be higher within countries such as South Africa where PTB is widespread/epidemic. Although STB only affects a small portion of the South African population, the main health, social and economic consequences of the disease warrant urgent attention. The health complications that can arise from STB include paraplegia, paraparesis, neurological deficits, and loss of sensation (to name but a few). Patients may develop permanent disabilities and as a result experience hindrance in employability, quality of life, and ease of functionality in urban and public environments that are non-compliant and non-accommodatory for those with disability. Tackling STB in South Africa is therefore of utmost importance.

The Fourth Annual Manguzi Gijima 2018 event

The 4th annual Manguzi Gijima was held on 06 October 2018 at the Shayina Sports complex, Thandizwe, Manguzi. The event was organized by the Manguzi Gijima Organising Committee (MGOC), a club which was established not only to organise Manguzi Gijima but to establish a platform from which further outreach and community programmes may develop in the field of health and physical activity with a special interest in raising awareness about the involvement of people living with disabilities (PwD) in sport and the barriers which exist. The present video depicts snippets from this event. The purpose of the event is to encourage physical activity, healthy lifestyle choices and promote health screening services (NCDs and HIV) for the Umhlabuyalingana health catchment area. 241 people attended the event, of which 110 had a disability. 172 people took part in the event and activities hosted at Gijima; of which 98 (57%) had a disability. Special thanks to Oak Street Media, South Africa, for the graphics and production of the video. Special thanks to the event managers, partners and sponsors that made this event possible and to all who helped with capturing the footage. Special mention to: Community Service officers and staff from Manguzi Hospital, key DPO members, the KZN DSR, SANAC, the Department of health, the local Umhlabuyalingana municipality, the Bush Cabin crew, SAPS and the local community.

Disability Fun Day

This compilation video shows Disability Fun Days that ARRC has attended and supported.